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My Little Grojband (Lesson Zero)

Kim: Now why don’t you tell me all about your issues with Carrie

Laney: I don’t have any issues with Carrie

Kim: You don’t? Then why are you destroying her property?

Laney: Because she asked me to. Right Carrie?!

Carrie: Yes mam! I wanted to put up a new shed to store all my old guitars, but this ones gotta come down first. Now get back to it Laney!

Laney: You got it boss!

Carrie: I’d take cover if I were you…

Kim: AH!

Laney: YAAAHHHHH!!!!!

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Five Nights at Freddy’s (GB Version)

Corey as Freddy
Laney as Chica
Kin as Bonnie
Kon as Foxy

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Five Nights at Coreys

Five Nights at Freddys (GB Style)

Ok guys I just realized something bizarre. Ok so obviously most of you guys have heard of the horror game Five Nights at Freddys which scares the piss out of me. Anyway I just thought of an awesome hilarious idea. So remember the episode of Grojband No Strings Attached? Well put Five Nights at Freddys and that episode together, what do you get? Five Nights at Corey’s. Strange right? Well since in the game theres four animatronic animals. So what if it was the GB members? Corey, Laney (not the dude puppet but an animatronic version of her,) Kin and Kon. Personally Kon would probably be the scariest if he popped out on your screen, maybe give you nightmares, I did when I first saw the game. So give this some thought and it would be awesome if someone drew some fan art of this idea. Ok bye!

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Kon’s Plan (Konney one shot)

Both Corey and Carrie were fighting over the garage next to the Riffin’s house and who should take it. You see, last week Kin and Kim’s inventions both blew up and now both Corey and Carrie’s garages were under repair. “We saw it first!” Corey argued. “Well we need it more!” Carrie yelled back. “We have an important gig tomorrow and we need to practice!!!” While the two blue haired guitarists argued the others were trying to block out the sound by covering their ears. “I can’t take this anymore!” Kin yelled. “SHUT UP!” Corey and Carrie stopped and started at Kin. “Look, both of you have really good reasons to use this garage.” “Ooh! I have an idea!” Kon says. He grabs Laney’s hand and brings her away from the others. “Kon what are you doing?!” Laney whispered. “Listen Laney I have an awesome idea on how we can stop this rivalry between Grojband and the Newmans. Well… specifically Corey and Carrie what I need you to do is…” He whispered his plan to the red haired girl. Her eyes widened and her cheeks were bright red. “No! No way!!!” Laney said. “Come on Laney please!” Kon begged. “I swear I’ll never make you do this again!” “You said that the last time! You pinkie promised!” Laney said. “That was a bet and I promised I wouldn’t make you dress half naked again. You’ll be fully clothed I swear!” Kon said. “I pinkie promise!” Laney sighed. “Fine.” Kon hugged his friend, “YAY!” They both did the chant.

Cross my heart and hope to fly
Stick a cupcake in my eye!

(10 minutes later transition!”

Kon had set up a small stage in the park. Just Grojband the the Newmans were there. “Hey where’s Laney?” Kin asked. “Oh you’ll see,” Kon said signaling Kim to start the song. She rolled her eyes and started off. The curtain came up and Laney came up as the podium she was standing on rises. Corey’s eyes widened in shock and a dark red blush appeared on his face. Laney blushed as well as her eyes caught his. She quickly looked away and sang the song. (She’s dressed in the outfit Pinkie was in in the episode Over a Barrel.)

We may be divided

But of you all I beg

To remember were all foot

At the end of each leg!

No matter what the issue

Come from wherever you please

All this fighting gets you nothing

But hand’n mouth is ease

Arguing’s not the way

Hey come out and play!

It’s a shiny new day!

So what do ya say?

You gotta share, you gotta care

It’s the right thing to do

You gotta share, you gotta care

And there always be a way through

Both our diets I should mention are completely vegetarian

We both eat cheese and oats

Why we at each others throats?

You gotta share, you gotta care

It’s the right thing to do

And there always be a way through!

Kim ended the song, everyone was staring at both her and Laney. “I knew this wasn’t gonna work!” She whispered to Laney. The poor girl was embarrassed she had to wear a short dress in front of her crush. “Alright Laney that was fantastic what a great song you were right on!” Kon said clapping.

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Konney Headcanons

1: Kon likes picking out dresses for Laney and making her wear them

2: Laney and Kon like pranking the Newmans

3: Kon always throws Laney the best going away parties when she leaves town for 2 months on summer vacation.

4: Kon and Laney watch MLP at each others houses when they’re alone for sleep overs.

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Ticket Song (By Kon)

Kin is my bestest bro
Whoopie, whoopie!
Kin: Kon
Kon: He’s the coolest, smartest, all around indeed! Indeed!
Kin: Kon.
Kon: I bet if I throw a super-duper fun party, party!
Kin: Kon!
Kon: He’ll give his extra ticket to the Gala to me!
Kin: Koooonnn!

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Ticket Song (Grojband Version)

Kim is my bestest sis
Whoopie, whoopie!
Kim: Konnie
Konnie: She’s the cutest, smartest, all around indeed! Indeed!
Kim: Konnie.
Konnie: I bet if I throw a super-duper fun party, party!
Kim: Konnie!
Konnie: She’ll give her extra ticket to the Gala to me!
Kim: Konnnniiiieeee!

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